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Marshall Schnapp Launches Schnapp Mediation & Arbitration

Marshall Schnapp has launched a new mediation and arbitration practice following a successful tenure at one of Toronto’s major alternative dispute resolution firms. With Schnapp Mediation & Arbitration, Marshall focuses his mediation practice on insurance, commercial and banking, and his arbitration practice on loss transfer, priority, banking and commercial disputes.

Since 2010 Marshall has mediated over 2,000 cases where he has achieved a very high rate of settlement. He has also served as an Arbitrator in over 1,000 cases and written approximately 60 decisions.

“His even handed approach brought much credibility in getting settlement instructions from my clients,” a recent client said of Marshall. “He has always approached his files with a perspective of trying to get the case settled and achieving a good resolution for both sides.”

Marshall who holds a BA, JD, and LLM (Alternative Dispute Resolution), was called to the bar in 1996. His diverse dispute resolution profile includes time as a litigator, mediator, and arbitrator. Marshall has also worked as an Ombudsman and conducted workplace investigations. Since 2012, Marshall has worked was as a mediator, arbitrator, ombudsman, and investigator. Most recently, he was appointed as the First Chair of the Complaint and Resolution Council for Student Societies (“CRCSS”) at the University of Toronto.

With his balanced approach, significant experience, in-depth knowledge of the law, and recognized ability to get cases settled.

“I am excited to open Schnapp Mediation & Arbitration to continue serving existing and new clients as an independent mediator and arbitrator,” he said. “Schnapp Mediation & Arbitration has been built around the core values of being ‘approachable, experienced, and determined.’ I believe in putting into practise these values in both my work and personal life.”

“I am a firm believer that being open, respectful and curious,” he adds. “It helps me establish a rapport with all parties and move matters forward.” By using his extensive and varied experience to help parties assess their positions and consider different options in mediation, Marshall says he approaches all mediations with a mission to bring the parties close.

“I want to make sure that by the end of the mediation, they know more about the dispute than they did when we began,” he shares. “If I sense there’s an opportunity to achieve a settlement, I am tenacious and persistent (in a good way) in assisting the parties to reach a settlement.”

In his role as an arbitrator, Marshall says he uses his adjudicative experience and in-depth knowledge of the law to review all the facts before him and render a timely and well-reasoned decision.

To book a mediation, visit https://schnappmediation.com/calendar-2/. To inquire about arbitration services call Marshall at (416) 789-2983 or email him at marshall@schnappmediation.com

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