Additional ADR Services

Workplace Restoration

Workplace Restoration Workplace restoration services work to promote respectful workplace relationships, improve performance and increase collaboration. They are designed to address the unique circumstances of each situation. They often involve conducting a conflict assessment/organizational review, facilitating the resolution of issues among employees, arriving at guidelines that specify the terms agreed and making arrangements to revisit the

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Negotiation & Mediation Training

Negotiation & Mediation Training We offer customized training to organizations in the following areas: Communication skills Collaboration Negotiation Mediation Dealing with difficult people Having difficult conversations Workplace coaching Customer service Feedback on Marshall's Training Marshall provided conflict managementand communication training to my PMO and Customer Support Managers and theirteams.   His strengths as a fluid Continue reading

Dispute Resolution System Design

Dispute Resolution System Design We design and deliver dispute resolution systems for both public and private organizations and programs, in some cases addressing specific challenges and in others focusing on the improvement or enhancement of services. Dispute Resolution Systems address conflicts and disputes. They involve creating or customizing a Dispute Resolution process or system which will Continue reading


Facilitation Effective group processes lead to better results.We can help plan and deliver effective group interactions, allowingparticipants to fully collaborate and execute the work before them.   Each client has unique challenges, team dynamicsand objectives. We focus on designing processes that achieve desired outcomes. We provide facilitation services for an array of group challenges, whether Continue reading

Conflict Management & Negotiation Coaching

Conflict Management & Negotiation Coaching Conflict Management Coaching Conflict management coaching supports an individual’s ability to engage, manage, and resolve conflict. A conflict management coach works one-on-one with an individual experiencing conflict with another person. Coaching enables the individual to talk about the conflict with a neutral, objective and experienced conflict coach to consider options Continue reading

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation What is Mediation? A mediator helps facilitate discussions, assists the parties in understanding each other’s positions and works with the parties in reaching a settlement. Mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution process. The mediator has no power to make decisions or impose a settlement on the parties in the dispute. What is Workplace Mediation?

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Workplace Investigation

Workplace Investigation Our practice employs fair, comprehensive and experienced workplace investigation techniques and avoids any perception of bias. Our approach also recognizes the urgency and sensitivity of all workplace complaints. We strive to conclude the process asquickly as possible – ensuring a timely, impartial and comprehensive outcome. Our findings provide employers withthe necessary information to make Continue reading