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Ombuds / Complaint Handling Services

We offer several types of Ombuds / Complaint
Handling Services.

We also provide consulting services to established Ombuds and Complaint Handling offices.

Our Services Include

  • Resolving disputes in the workplace.
  • Resolving disputes between consumers and companies.
  • Resolving disputes between individuals and government bodies.

Resolving Disputes in the Workplace

Sometimes employees may want or need to speak confidentially with a third party in order to address a sensitive workplace issue or challenge. Many employees may not be comfortable going to a member of Human Resources or their manager for a variety of reasons. However, they will be open to working with an independent third party with specialized experience in dispute resolution and who has been mandated by the organization to provide dispute resolution services for their staff and clients.

An ombudsperson is a neutral dispute resolution professional whose mandate is to provide confidential and informal assistance to all levels of staff within an organization. An ombudsperson uses a variety of dispute resolution tools, including brainstorming, coaching, mediation, and informal fact-finding.

The Ombuds role follows a written term of reference
which clearly explains what they can and cannot do and what their function is.

The Ombuds role promotes workplace fairness, retention, satisfaction, collaboration and productivity. It can prevent workplace disputes and challenges escalating to costly litigation and high staff turn over.

Resolving Disputes Between Consumers & Companies

We resolve disputes between consumers and companies. Our service is free to the consumer, impartial and simple to use. We base our decisions on the evidence submitted by both parties.

Resolving Disputes Between Individuals & Government Bodies

We investigate complaints brought by members of the public about a decision made by a municipality for whom we provide Ombuds services.

We investigate complaints about municipal government actions, recommend improvements for governance, and resolve individual issues. Where appropriate we try to resolve complaints by negotiation and mediation.


For information regarding our fees for Ombuds / Complaint Handling Services, please email us at marshall@schnappmediation.com or call at 1-647-250-7216