Respectful Workplace Ombudsperson

City of London

In March of 2020, Marshall Schnapp was retained to the Office of the Respectful Workplace Ombudsperson (RWO) for the City of London, Ontario.

Marshall Schnapp has a diverse dispute resolution profile; he has practiced as an ombudsperson, litigator, mediator, arbitrator, and has conducted workplace investigations.  He was called to the bar in 1996.

What is the Office of the Respectful Workplace Ombudsperson (RWO)?

The RWO is:

  • A neutral and confidential resource for information regarding the rights and obligations of employees under the City of London’s Respectful Workplace Policy
  • An external party, independent from both employees and management, that listens to concerns and questions without judgment or bias
  • A guide for employees when navigating the Resolution/Complaints Procedures Process.
  • An impartial third-party who can advocate for a fair and transparent process relating to the Respectful Workplace Policy

What does the RWO do?

Broadly speaking, the RWO helps by:

  • Receiving & responding to employee questions and/or requests for information without judgment
  • Providing assistance to employees through the Resolution/Complaint process in an informal and impartial manner
  • Clarifying the channels available for next steps, and providing assistance in solving problems
  • Suggesting resources and making referrals as needed
  • Receiving feedback from employees and making recommendations for improvement
  • Providing annual reports on common themes, areas for improvement, and options for actions and next steps to the City Manager

What does the RWO not do?

The RWO will not:

  • Act as an advocate or provide legal advice
  • Make decisions on behalf of the Corporation
  • Make or overrule policies or established procedures
  • Receive complaints or conduct intakes relating to Prohibited Behaviour
  • Conduct investigations into allegations of Prohibited Behaviour
  • Make or review findings related to Prohibited Behaviour, including corrective/disciplinary actions pursuant to the Respectful Workplace Policy

How do I contact the RWO?

The RWO is accessible by telephone, email, in-person (if conditions allow), or by online conferencing platforms like Zoom.

Are you interested in scheduling a team meeting with the RWO?

  • Please call or email using the above contact information.

The RWO endeavors to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours. If a response is not possible within that time frame, the RWO will notify the employee of when a response can be expected.

Respectful Workplace Ombudsperson
City of London

Marshall Schnapp

If you’d like to get in touch with Marshall, please call 647-250-7216 or email


London Respectful Workplace Policy

City of London Respectful Workplace Ombudsperson Terms of Reference

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