Need to Resolve a Dispute?

Need to Resolve a Dispute?

Need to resolve a dispute? Toronto-based Schnapp Dispute Resolution helps organizations, lawyers and individuals resolve disputes successfully, quickly and cost-effectively.

In my career, I’ve had the opportunity to wear a number of hats: litigator, mediator, arbitrator, workplace investigator, coach, and ombudsman. My passion for dispute resolution and ability to interact with individuals at all levels in a respectful, fair and efficient manner has led me to establish SDR.

I draw on my experience and client-focussed skills to engage with an organization and the individuals involved. We assess the situation and work together to determine the most appropriate, practical and cost-effective options to tackle the issue at hand.

Using the appropriate dispute resolution tool to either prevent, de-escalate or resolve a dispute

There is always a way to move forward. My clients need to bring their cases and disputes to a timely resolution, no matter how complex the issues. The key to resolving disputes is matching the right resolution tool to the individuals involved and the dispute at hand.

This means collaborating with an effective and experienced dispute resolution professional. In my 10 plus years of practice, I have employed many different dispute resolution tools: mediation, workplace investigation, workplace restoration, coaching, ombuds / complaint handling services, facilitation, dispute resolution system design and arbitration.

Need help with dispute resolution? I’m here to collaborate with you.

My experience in workplace investigations, workplace mediation, complaint handling and work as an ombudsman empowers me to help HR professionals, employment lawyers and executives, and individuals navigate sensitive issues with confidence.

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