Why Appoint Marshall as Your Arbitrator?

Marshall is there when litigators need an arbitrator with the experience to provide a timely and effective hearing, and who will provide a well-reasoned decision.

  • Employs an approach designed to ensure parties move forward and collaborate effectively in the Arbitration process
  • Arbitrated close to 1000 cases; well versed in the law and applies it in a well-reasoned manner
  • Issued almost 60 decisions, including arbitration decisions on catastrophic impairments, other substantive issues, preliminary issues, motions and expense hearings
  • Well versed in the law and applies it to the facts before him in a well-reasoned manner

What lawyers say about Marshall’s Arbitration Abilities?

  • I recommend Marshall’s mediation and arbitration services, particularly for complex or difficult matters involving accident benefits disputes, given his extensive adjudication experience.
  • I dealt with Marshall many times when he was an arbitrator at FSCO. I appeared before him when he was an arbitrator at contested hearings and multiple times when he was acting as a pre-hearing adjudicator, which essentially meant he was acting as a mediator. I found him in both capacities to be fair and balanced, respectful to counsel, and with an approach towards the clients that balanced authority with compassion.
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Marshall over the past 5 years in his capacity as an arbitrator and mediator. I am particularly impressed by Marshall’s ability to reconstruct and understand complicated issues. He has an exceptional knowledge base and is always well prepared. As an arbitrator, Marshall earns my highest recommendation.

What is Arbitration?

  • A form of dispute resolution
  • A private determination of a dispute by an independent third party who the parties select
  • Consensual, confidential, and the decision of the arbitrator is final and easy to enforce
  • Custom designed process to meet  parties schedules and substantive needs, resulting in a more time-efficient and cost-effective resolution
  • Resolves disputes through a more informal hearing than Court and employs a more relaxed application of the rules of evidence

Why Arbitration?

  • The process is private and informal, while litigation is a formal process conducted in a public courtroom
  • Speed: arbitration process is fairly quick, while in a civil litigation a case must may take years before it is heard
  • Cost of the arbitration process are significantly lower than litigation costs
  • Selection of the arbitrator is made jointly by the parties; in a litigation, the judge is appointed and the parties have little or no say in the selection
  • Appeal rights: in binding arbitration, the parties usually have no appeal option, unless an appeal has been included in an arbitration clause
    Marshall’s Arbitration Services
  • Conducts arbitration throughout the province of Ontario
  • Experienced and comfortable adjudicating cases in person, by telephone, using online conferencing technologies, and in writing
  • Marshall conducts arbitrations for insurance (including priority & loss transfer disputes), banking, human rights, commercial and employment disputes


  •  Marshall conducts arbitration throughout the province of Ontario
  • Experienced and comfortable adjudicating cases by telephone and online should the parties request
  • Marshall conducts commercial arbitrations and  arbitrations between insurers in the areas of priority disputes and loss transfer.


For information regarding our fees and cancellation policy, please contact our office.  You can reach Lacey Day, Scheduling Coordinator at Lacey@schnappmediation.com or call at 647-250-7216.

To Schedule an Arbitration, please contact:

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