Effective group processes lead to better results.
We can help plan and deliver effective group interactions, allowing
participants to fully collaborate and execute the work before them.  

Each client has unique challenges, team dynamics
and objectives. We focus on designing processes that achieve desired outcomes.

We provide facilitation services for an array of group challenges, whether you have a team that needs to align its goals and come up with a plan, a board of directors meeting that could derail, or a conference that needs to be managed.

We can facilitate the following:

  • Senior and mid-level management meetings
  • Board meetings and decisions
  • Problem diagnosis and decision making
  • Process analysis
  • Team strengthening
  • Change management
  • Consensus building
  • Human capital development and management
  • Communications strategies

With a comprehensive approach, we provide your organization with:

  • A well-planned process, designed to achieve your desired outcomes.
  • An environment that allows all participants to fully engage and collaborate in the process.
  • An impartial expert who is focused on the process the group uses to move forward.
  • Support for the group by productively addressing group dynamics.
  • Assurance that participants understand the next steps and commit to them.
  • The opportunity to review and synthesize results.

Our facilitation services are designed to help your organization:

  • Stay focused and on track.
  • Remove hurdles holding back progress.
  • Foster healthier communication and collaboration.
  • Achieve better, faster results in a more collaborative way, with shared input from everyone involved.

Feedback on our Facilitation Service

On behalf of the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors in regards to your work as Facilitator for our 2018 Annual General Meeting. The care you took in preparing and understanding our needs is much appreciated. Your ability to maintain a flow while staying with in our timelines was exceptional. I look forward to working with your company in the future. ~ Thank You


For information regarding
our fees for Facilitation services, please email us at marshall@schnappmediation.com or call at 647-250-7216.