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The Power and Importance of Opening Statements when Mediating Online

We are now one year into mediating online and entering the third wave of the Covid-19.  After over a year of lock-downs and restrictions, many of us have become very comfortable with mediating online.  Given the benefits of mediating online, I believe that this practice will be continued for at least the next several months,

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Upcoming Event! Marshall Schnapp Leads The ADRIO’s Mediator Mastermind #10 – Understanding Your Clients: What Do Clients Want From A Mediator?

In 2019, Marshall spearheaded the ADR Institute of Ontario’s Mediator Mastermind Series to create opportunities for mediators to innovate, learn and grow which leads to more valuable and effective mediations. In this Mastermind program we will focus on understanding clients and will explore what they are looking for when they select a mediator and what

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Past Event – Virtual Mediation Bootcamp and Mentorship Roundtable: Your Essential Guide to Excelling at Mediation Alternative Dispute (OBA)

On September 29th, Greater Toronto Area Mediator Marshall Schnapp will be joining a panel discussion on Mastering the Mediation. Some topics to be discussed include setting up an ethical framework, when to use opening statements, negotiation techniques, the ins and outs of caucusing, and more.

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