Workplace Investigation

Our practice employs fair, comprehensive and experienced workplace investigation techniques and avoids any perception of bias. Our approach also recognizes the urgency and sensitivity of all workplace complaints.

We strive to conclude the process as
quickly as possible – ensuring a timely, impartial and comprehensive outcome.

Our findings provide employers with
the necessary information to make challenging but necessary decisions, which
may have a significant impact in the workplace and in legal proceedings.

Why use an external investigator?

  • There are multiple respondents.
  • The issues are complex/sensitive.
  • Findings and assessment of
    credibility (“He said/she said”) are required.
  • The complaint involves HR, a
    supervisor, manager, director, partner and/or owner.
  • The investigative process is likely
    to be closely scrutinized by a court, arbitrator and/or tribunal.
  • Mental health is an issue involving
    the complainant, a witness and/or the respondent.

There are a multitude of workplace
complaints that legally require an impartial investigation, including:

  • Human rights violations, including discrimination and failure to accommodate
  • Workplace harassment
  • Bullying
  • Sexual harassment
  • Violence and/or threats of violence
  • Safety violations
  • Reprisal/retaliation
  • Poisoned/toxic work environment

select Marshall Schnapp as your Investigator?

Selecting the right investigator is crucial. Marshall
brings a unique mix of experience and effective soft skills to each investigation:

  • Conducted investigations for regulatory bodies, private companies, not-for-profit organizations, banks, provincial government ministries, and municipalities.
  • Investigations have covered varied subject matter, including: sexual assault, sexual harassment, discrimination under human rights legislation, workplace harassment/violence, bullying, and toxic/poisoned work environment.
  • Proven case management skill set and ability to interact with individuals at all levels in a respectful, fair and efficient manner.
  • Necessary resources to conduct timely, comprehensive investigations and provide well-written and useful investigation reports.


For information regarding our fees for workplace investigations, please email us at or call at 647-250-7216.