Workplace Mediation

What is Mediation?

  • A mediator helps facilitate discussions, assists the parties in understanding each other’s positions and works with the parties in reaching a settlement.
  • Mediation is a non-binding dispute resolution process.
  • The mediator has no power to make decisions or impose a settlement on the parties in the dispute.

What is Workplace Mediation?

Workplace Mediation provides a timely, discreet and cost-effective solution to workplace challenges, conflicts, disputes and disagreements.  It involves a neutral Mediator working with staff to both understand the issues and arrive at a workable and acceptable plan to deal with them, which allows the staff to move forward.

Why Mediate?

  • Places the parties in control over settling the dispute and does not leave it in the hands of someone else.
  • A proactive way of settling disputes before they lead to a lawsuit, cause relationships to break down, or people to quit or be asked to leave a workplace.
  • Allows all parties to collaborate on a mutually acceptable settlement agreement.
  • Provides an early opportunity to discuss the issue and resolve the dispute before matters escalate.


  • Conducts mediations throughout the province of Ontario.
  • Available to also conduct evening and weekend mediations.
  • Experienced and comfortable mediating cases in person, by telephone, and online.

Comments About Marshall’s Mediation Abilities

  • I have found Marshall capable and adept at facilitating settlement, often when resolution seemed out of reach. A significant skill of Marshall’s is that he achieves the right balance between pushing lawyers and their clients, but not beyond their point of comfort.
  • His many years of experience mediating and arbitrating cases means that he has not only honed his abilities but has the depth and breadth of knowledge to bring to the table. Lawyers will like him and clients will respect his views.
  • I was always pleased with his practical approach and ability to build rapport with all parties. He is a good listener to both sides of a dispute and was instrumental in achieving fair resolutions.
  • I am particularly impressed by Marshall’s ability to reconstruct and understand complicated issues. He has an exceptional knowledge base and is always well prepared. During mediation, he quickly identifies points of agreement and dispute, often using creative strategies to work towards a resolution.


For information regarding our fees and cancellation policy, please contact our office. You can reach our Scheduling Coordinator, Lacey Day, at or call at 647-250-7216.