Workplace Restoration

Workplace restoration services work to promote respectful workplace relationships, improve performance and increase collaboration. They are designed to address the unique circumstances of each situation.

They often involve conducting a conflict assessment/organizational review, facilitating the resolution of issues among employees, arriving at guidelines that specify the terms agreed and making arrangements to revisit the workplace relationship at a later date.

When a workplace becomes dysfunctional or toxic, the results can be devastating for an organization. It can lead to multiple conflicts, high staff turnover, and a steady decline in productivity.

An effective workplace restoration will:

  1. Manage challenges in a manner that promotes collaboration and growth.
  2. Develop and restore respectful and collaborative workplace relationships
  3. Enhance organizational outcomes

Each workplace is different and we will develop a customized approach that is right for your workplace and that will meet your goals.

When can a workplace restoration be useful?

After a workplace investigation or mediation over inappropriate behaviour, the environment can become challenging, even toxic, to employees.

A workplace restoration can provide an opportunity for employees to be heard, collaborate on moving forward and help get things back on track in the workplace.


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