Making the Most of your Mediations in 2022

There are three essential skills to achieve your Mediation goals. They are optimismempathyand perseverance. My last three Blogs in 2021 went over these in detail. Click on each of the skills above to read my full blogs.

When you come to mediation with an Optimistic Approach, no matter how deadlocked things look between the parties, you continue to believe through effort that ground can be made towards reaching a resolution.

Empathy helps create an environment where compromises are able to be made to move the parties forward toward resolution. Empathy is our ability to understand and acknowledge what another party may have felt, be feeling, or is thinking, even if we don’t see the issue in the same way they do.

Perseverance is about action; the effort put forth to achieve something and seeing something through to the end. This effort and hard work begin well before the day of the mediation and will result in moving your file forward.


Marshall Schnapp, Toronto / GTA Mediator

Marshall Schnapp, BA, JD, LLM (ADR) has been resolving disputes for over 10 years as a mediator and has extensive experience in adjudication as well. Clients consistently recommend Marshall for his upbeat, tenacious attitude, and the skills he has honed helping resolve thousands of matters.

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